Your 2022 Guide For Amazing E-Bike Trekking Adventures

Bike trekking has long been a favorite pastime for mountain bike enthusiasts. There’s something special about taking the road less traveled, going off-road, and discovering your own adventure.

However, regular mountain bikes have their limits. You’re only as powerful as your own strength and energy which can make ultra-tough terrain or long distances a challenge. Electric bike on the other hand give you that extra power to go the extra mile.

Read on to discover why so many people are switching to E-bike trekking and why you should too!
What Is E-Bike Trekking?

The definition of “trekking” is to “go on a long arduous journey.” For mountain bikers, this means seeking out the challenging trails and routes that push the envelope of their expertise.

When trekking is mentioned, most people jump to the conclusion that this refers to off-road biking. However, “trekking” actually refers to any kind of biking route as long as it presents a challenge.

These could be steep, hilly tracks, mountain roads, or extreme distances. Of course, off-road trails are also included. Whatever pushes you beyond your comfort zone and challenges you can be classed as trekking.

E-bike trekking takes things one step further. The power provided by the motor allows you to go further, higher, and take more challenging terrain than you would on a regular bike. This means your strength and stamina can last a lot longer with an E-bike.
What Features Do E-Trek Bikes Have?

For the best E-bike trekking experience, you need to choose the right bike for the job. E-bikes are typically divided into two different categories; E-city bikes and E-mountain bikes. For trekking, you’re going to need an E-mountain bike as it offers far more versatility and power than the E-city bike.
A Powerful Motor

To get that pedal-assisted power you need to drive up hills and across uneven terrain, you need a decent motor.

A mid-drive motor offers the best experience for E-bike trekking. This means the motor sits in the center of the bike between the pedals and drives the same gear set and chain as the pedals. This allows the rider to use the low gears to easily power up steep inclines.

Weight also matters on an E-bike used for trekking and mid-drive motors tend to be smaller and lighter as well as giving an even weight distribution.
A High-Quality Battery

You can have the best E-bike motor on the planet but without a powerful battery, you’ll get nowhere fast. A high-quality battery will not only deliver the power required to make the most out of your motor, it will also increase how far you can go on one charge.

For example, Eskute’s batteries can deliver an incredible 120km worth of range, allowing you to go the long distances required for trekking. Furthermore, their bikes allow you to swap out the battery for another. All you need to do is pack a spare, fully charged battery in your bag and you can double your distance.
Full Suspension

Your trekking E-bike needs to be built to withstand bumpy ground as well as deliver a comfortable riding experience for you. Therefore, full suspension is required for your trekking bike.

Front fork suspension eases the pressure placed on your arms and wrists while riding and a back fork dampener will smooth out the bumps as you navigate rocky trails. Essential for avoiding a bruised rear end!

The full suspension also allows you to enjoy riding for longer distances. If your bike is uncomfortable, you’ll soon tire of riding it but if it’s got great suspension, it won’t feel like an effort to sit on for long periods of time.
How To Plan Your E-Bike Trekking Routes

If you’re going off-road, you’re going to need to plan your route so you keep safe and know where you’re heading. Some trails can carry danger or risk of falling especially if you are unfamiliar with the terrain.

To plan sufficiently for your trek, ensure you do the following before you set off:

Perform a health check on your E-bike and ensure everything is working properly
Pack a spare battery, battery charger, spare tire, and tools to change it if needed
Download an appropriate navigation app
Tell someone where you’re going and how long you’re going to be
Plan where you will stop to rest and sleep if you’re going for several days
Check the weather and ensure it’s fine to ride
Pack spare clothes, food, water, wet weather gear, and a first aid kit
Take a fully charged power pack so you can charge your phone
The Best Apps For E-Bike Trekking

Now for the exciting part! You get to plan your route. This has been made a lot easier in modern times thanks to a plethora of apps you can download and use for your E-bike trekking. Here are our favorites:

Strava: A popular fitness app that also has popular trails available for you to select and follow
Bikemap: With 0ver 10.4 million bike paths and routes available, you’re bound to find something you like
RidewithGPS: Premapped rides available as well as the ability to plan and navigate your own rides (and share them on the app)
Ridespot: Discover upcoming rides and routes from other riders, bike shops, and advocacy groups
Mapmyride: A popular route planner that also creates challenges for you to conquer. It also has the ability to automatically plan out circular routes
Apps For More Adventurous E-Bike Trekking

If you’re looking for something a little more daring, you need an app that specializes in off-road cycling. These apps allow you to learn where the best trails are, analyze their conditions and share anything you find along the way.

MTBproject: This mountain bike trail guide is crowd-sourced and provides up-to-date info on their routes. Difficulty ratings allow you to choose something suitable for your skill level
Gravelmap: Routes specifically for gravel roads and dirt tracks. All routes have been checked to ensure they’re free to access and ride
Trailforks: Contains trail maps from all over the world and allows you to load your own routes too
The Best E-Bike For Trekking

You probably can’t wait to get started and we can’t blame you! But, first, you’re going to need a bike that’s up to the challenge and can handle everything that’s thrown at it. For E-bike trekking we recommend the Netuno Pro E-mountain bike 2022 from Eskute.

Why do we recommend this bike? Well, the specs speak for themselves.

The powerful Bafang motor can reach top speeds of 25kmh and the accompanying battery will last you for up to 120km. Perfect for long trails and adventures.

The full suspension and comfortable saddle will enable you to glide along for hours without feeling like you want to get off and rest. Nine gears and the mid-range motor will also allow you to sail up those hills with no effort at all.

The LCD display will tell you everything you need to know about your motor as you’re riding plus the bikes come equipped with front and back lights to make riding in the dark as safe as possible.

Lastly, is the unbeatable price. At a highly reasonable €2,049.00, the Netuno Pro gives a superior riding experience without breaking the bank.

We believe this bike gives every E-bike trekking enthusiast exactly what they need for an attractive price and that’s why it’s our top trekking E-bike pick for 2022.
Have Questions? Talk To Eskute

If you’re ready to dive into the amazing world of E-bikes then talk to Eskute. We’re a fast-growing online E-bike retailer who has hand-picked and carefully curated a fantastic selection of E-bikes and accessories.

Whether you’re just getting started or are already a fan of E-biking, we’d love to talk to you. Why not get in touch to discuss your needs? We can answer all your questions and recommend the best E-bike for you.
Final Thoughts

What better way to keep healthy and get that all-important exercise than e-bike trekking? If you’re ready to push the boundaries of your own comfort zone, get yourself on an E-mountain bike and get going.

It’s the hottest – and most environmentally friendly – way to have fun in 2022!

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