Top Tips When Buying Yourself a New Mountain Bike.

Mountain Bike

We are all guilty of being very sedentary over the past 2 ½ years working our way through the Covid19 pandemic and because we didn’t want to leave our homes or to mix with strangers, we didn’t keep up our exercise routines and we definitely didn’t visit the local gymnasium. As a direct result of all of this, we have gained considerable weight and we are nowhere near as fit as we used to be two years ago. It’s time for a change, but the thing that you need to remember is that you just can’t jump in to the way that you exercised before because your body is not used to it and you will end up injuring yourself in the process. You need to start doing an exercise that has low impact on your body and one perfect way to get yourself back into shape is to ride your bike.

Many people don’t like the thought of cycling on a busy public road and so they want to go off road to get themselves back into shape. This is why it would be a sound purchasing choice to get yourself a mountain bike because it allows you to travel on the roads less travelled. There are a number of important things that you need to take into consideration when purchasing your first mountain bike and things like jockey wheels, cabling and suspension are all incredibly important. The following are just some of the other things that you should be thinking about before you put your money on the counter and buy your first mountain bike.

  1. Consider the suspension – Modern bikes come with many different kinds of suspension and if you’re just starting off then maybe the hard tail option is the one for you. This means that only your front forks have suspension and so this provides you with a bike that is much lighter and easier to move around. It is also a lot more inexpensive to buy and as long as you’re sticking to already laid out biking paths with laid out bollards that don’t take a great deal of negotiation on your part, then this might be the perfect starting bike for you.
  2. Consider the saddle – Sitting on a mountain biking can take its toll on your backside and after a few days riding, you may find a little difficult to sit down. If you are someone who has prostate problems from time to time, then a wider fitting saddle would be the best option for you. This is an item that you’re going to be sitting on for your whole exercise routine, so take your time and choose wisely.
  3. Think about tyre size – Once again it depends on the kind of terrain that you will be cycling around and so there are generally two sizes of tyres for modern mountain biking. The smaller one makes controlling the bike a lot easier, but the bigger tyre allows you to ride over any bumps or rocks in the road with ease.

It’s great that you want to get back into shape again and to make sure that you don’t get injured in the process, modern biking is a great place to begin.


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