The Finest Movies You Missed in 2021

You might have already seen Dune, Spider-man: No Way Home, and the Eternals. But you know that doesn’t even come close to covering everything good that came out of Hollywood last year. So, you have come to the right place if you’re looking for underrated masterpieces from 2021. The cinema is only now coming back to normal after the COVID-19 pandemic. And there is much to see and appreciate from the deep and dark corners of the visual arts world.

So, this article has a fantastic list to add to your watch list. Whether you want to go to the cinema or stream online on Netflix with Spectrum internet Prices. These titles are worth appreciating and include comfort, terror, struggle, and romance stories.

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#1: Barb and Star Go to Vista Del Mar

Trailer: Barb & Star Go To Vista Del Mar (2021 Movie) Official Trailer – Kristen Wiig, Annie Mumolo

The movie might be the silliest comedy action thriller to come out in a long time! The two women behind the masterpiece (Kristen Wiig and Annie Mumolo) have put their foot down. And they’ve done everything that they wanted to do, exactly how they wanted to do it. If you’re a fan of silly comedies, then Barb and Star should be on your list. The movie doesn’t even take its terrorist plot seriously. And the protagonists sing and dance at a beach in the middle of it all. It probably cannot get more chaotic than this.

#2: Wild Indian

Trailer: Wild Indian | Official Trailer (HD) | Vertical Entertainment

This movie focuses on the deep and dark truth of generational trauma. It is a serious enactment of the fact that those who suffer through trauma are destined to repeat the cycle. The protagonist, Makwa, is a young Ojibwe boy who has had a life full of scars. He commits a violent crime but escapes the consequences of his actions. Later, the movie shows him spending a life that is close to the American dream. Makwa’s story is all about trying to escape the past and rebuilding your identity. But he soon realizes that you cannot change who you are.

#3: Bergman Island

Trailer: Bergman Island – Official Trailer | HD | IFC Films

If the name didn’t give it away, the movie is a homage to Ernst Ingmar Bergman’s work. He is one of the most decorated Swedish movie directors of all time. While the movie isn’t a Bergman biography, it talks about his methodology and places he got inspiration from. The two leads are movie directors and find themselves on the same path as Bergman. On an island where he had filmed and shot most of his films. They await inspiration from Bergman’s spirit and find their own along the way.

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#4: The Disciple

Trailer: The Disciple | Official Trailer | Chaitanya Tamhane, Vivek Gomber | Marathi Film | Netflix

The Disciple is the story of an Indian classical singer who wants nothing else but to excel in his craft. It revolves around his journey and battle against staying financially afloat. While he also tries to focus on an art form that is slowly vanishing. It is a story of self-preservation and commitment with an ending that will surprise you the most. The Disciple is a story to remember for ages and deserves a lot more attention.

#5: No Sudden Move

Trailer: No Sudden Move Trailer #1 (2021) | Movieclips Trailers

Brendan Fraser stars in this underrated heist movie from Steven Soderbergh. The director is known to pop in and out of the movie scene. But this time he has returned with a truly amazing story. While the preposterous English accents might be a bit overboard, you will enjoy the thrill of the plan.

#6: Test Pattern

Trailer: Test Pattern – Official Trailer

Debut director Shatara Michelle Ford has announced herself to the world with a bang with Test Pattern. The story revolves around an interracial couple Renesha and Evan. They have a content life until something tragic happens that will test their relationship to the extreme. It is shocking and closer to the truth than anyone dares to show on-screen. Shatara is like Icarus, flying too close to the sun, but she may make it. The movie has already been nominated for Gotham Awards and Independent Spirit Awards.

#7: Anne at 13,000 Feet

Trailer: ANNE AT 13,000 FT Trailer | TIFF 2020

The movie is about the story of Anne who lives for others and does her best to go the extra mile. So, she juggles a job, a new relationship, and her best friend’s wedding. But she is also taking lessons for a skydiving excursion. Anne at 13000 feet is more than just the story of a girl who wants to be seen. It is a metaphor for everything that someone like her is going through.


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