The best desk booking software for business

desk booking software for business

Desk booking software can be an essential tool in managing the many details of an office. With so many companies seeking to streamline their internal processes, businesses are looking for ways to cut down on paper and move toward electronic management. Desk booking software, or workforce management systems, can help with your employee scheduling needs and ensure that you get the most out of your staff. What you really need in desk booking software depends on the size of your business and the type of staff you have in your office setting.

What is a desk booking software?

Desk booking software is one of those things that most people don’t really think about until they absolutely need it. In fact, there are quite a few instances where you would need such a thing! For example, hotels and other businesses with reception desks will often have different shifts in operation at once. A typical scenario might be a morning shift, an afternoon shift and an evening shift – all in operation at once to serve customers.

The benefits of using desk bookings instead of spreadsheets

You don’t have to manually add, remove or move-around your staff. Your desk bookings calendar is automated and will always be up-to-date. You can view these updates on your desktop, laptop or phone in a simple spreadsheet format at any time (even when you’re offline). This makes it easier than ever to see who is available and where they are currently working.

4 Reasons why you need to upgrade your current desk booking system

Firstly, you need to make things easier for your clients and staff. Your bookings system needs to be as intuitive as possible; it should look good, respond well and have an interface that’s easy to navigate. If you currently use a paper diary or an excel spreadsheet, it’s time to upgrade! Make life easier for everyone with a modern desk booking software.

Is there a better alternative than DeskBooking?

While it is true that there are a lot of online booking and event management platforms available in today’s market, none of them can provide you with an experience quite like DeskBooking. DeskBooking is packed with features and services to help you book up to 100,000 appointments per month. Whether you have a small team or an entire organization managing events on your behalf, DeskBooking makes it easy to manage all your appointments across multiple locations with ease.

Our decision-making process when we designed DeskBooking (and some lessons learned)

-We knew we wanted a booking system, but not one that was complicated to use and maintain. IWe knew it had to work on desktop and mobile, without having to use additional tools or services. -We wanted an affordable solution, since many of our customers are small businesses. -Integrations with accounting systems like QuickBooks were a must.

How DeskBooking works

DeskBooking is cloud-base you can access it through a web browser. Using a computer, phone or tablet with Internet access, you can create an account and start booking immediately. You decide what to charge and when to book your clients—your plan doesn’t have to be monthly if that doesn’t work well for your practice.

How our customers benefit from DeskBooking

100% Free DeskBooking allows you to enjoy all of its features without any additional payment, making it a fully functional tool for your company. However, we allow you to pay for premium features if you prefer—the choice is entirely up to you. For many companies, a feature-rich product at no cost is just as good as it gets. And since there are no time limits on our platform’s abilities, there’s no rush to upgrade to get access to everything.

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