All December Global Holidays & History list

December Global Holidays

December Global Holidays: December is regarded as the most joyful month of the year. It is the month that hosts a variety of celebrations and events across the globe which included religious as well as cultural and corporate celebrations. This article lists the December Global Holidays with their history and the ways we commemorate these celebrations. Check out the article to discover more about the holidays Don’t forget to share this article with your social media.

1. World AIDS Day

December Global Holidays

World AIDS Day is observed to increase awareness about the spread of HIV/AIDS and to honour those affected by the illness. There are many ways to commemorate the day, such as visiting those who are poor and orphaned by the disease, donating safe-sex initiatives, and urging governments to increase efforts to stop HIV’s spread. HIV. World AIDS Day was declared by James W.Bunn and Thomas Netter in August 1987They were public information officials for the World Health Organization (WHO) Global Programme on AIDSThey announced the 1st of December to be their first World AIDS Day celebration.

2. Hannukah

December Global Holidays

Hannukah is a time to celebrate the dedication to the Second Temple of Jerusalem after the Maccabean Revolt. The celebrations also include lighting candles each evening for eight days. Hannukah is also called Chanukah and Chanukah, also known as the Festival of Lights, is one of the Jewish holidays that is traditionally celebrated on the 25th day of month Kislev (Between November and December) according to the Hebrew calendar. The date of the celebration is different each year. But this year, Hannukah falls between November 28 through the 6th of December.

3. Santa Lucia

December Global Holidays

Santa Lucia was a saint from Italy who was killed as a martyrIn the darkest times during the winter, she’s considered to be a beacon of optimismEvery year, on the 13th of December, Sweden remembers and honours Santa Lucia as a symbol of hope and light. Amazing parades and concerts are held on this historic day, and musicians are dressed in white, adorned with real candles.

4. Yule 

December Global Holidays

Yuletide is one of the oldest and important December holidays around the world which coincides with the Winter Solstice. It has pagan roots as well as ties to Yuletide’s Norse god Odin as well as it is also known as the Anglo-Saxon Feast of Modraniht. Yule is often referred to as Yuletide is a Germanic celebration that is celebrated throughout the world. Yule is among the most romantic December Global Holidays which is celebrated by lighting a large fire in a bonfire and staying the whole night outdoors with family and friends. It’s observed from December 21 to January 1.

5. Festivus

December Global Holidays

Festivus is a worldwide holiday that gained notoriety in 1997 thanks to an episode of Seinfeld episode titled “The Strike.” The objective of this sham holiday is to increase awareness of Christmas’s materialism. The celebration is celebrated on December 23rd. Festivus is celebrated by sitting in front of a simple aluminium pole instead of purchasing a costly Christmas tree. “Feats of Strength” and “airing of grievances” are two more well-known traditions of the Festivus season. Some interpreters have denigrated Festivus supporters, calling them traditionalists who have false beliefs about Christmas and its importance.

6. Christmas

December Global Holidays

Christmas is by far one of the most cherished Christmas holidays around the world. The holiday commemorates Christ’s birth Jesus Christ of Nazareth, who believers consider to be God’s only son who was sent to save humanity from sin. Christmas is celebrated all over the world, even by non-Christians around the world. While the exact date of Jesus Christ’s birth is not certain the celebration was held because it was in line with the Roman calendar’s Winter Solstice which occurs on the 25th of December in December.

7. Boxing Day

December Global Holidays

There has always been an array of ways in which Boxing Day was inaugurated and the way we commemorate it. Many believe that it was the day that churches handed out gift boxes to the needy following Christmas. Others see Boxing Day as the day to pay errand boys as well as letter carriers and many other kinds of employees for their work throughout the year. In spite of its past, Boxing Day is one of the most popular international holidays in December. It’s celebrated every year on December 26.

8. Kwanzaa

December Global Holidays

Kwanzaa is one of the December Global Holidays, with its origins in Africa and is celebrated in the United States. The holiday was created in 1966 by the ProfessorMaulana Karenga and was first observed in the year 1966 following the Watts violence which occurred in Los Angeles, CaliforniaThe word “Kwanzaa” is an abbreviation from the Swahili word ‘kwanza which means “first” which is derived from the Swahili expression “matunda ya kwanza,” which translates to “the first fruits.” Kwanzaa is celebrated by the performing of traditional African dances and music. Also, there is telling stories, poetry recitation and discussions of different African religious beliefs. The day is celebrated between December 26 and the 1st of January each year.

9. New Year’s Eve

December Global Holidays

Finally, our list of December’s global holidays includes New Year’s Eve, which is also known to occur on the final date of December. The reason for New year’s Eve’s celebration is to celebrate the close of the year and welcome in the new year. On this day, a lot of religious people head to their church services to celebrate God and express their gratitude to God for His blessings for the year that has passed also known as the 31st night. However, Christians and non-Christians alike celebrate the day in pubs and restaurants, as well as other social gatherings to refresh their spirits.

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