5 Ways To Commemorate Your Lost Pet

Lost Pet

How many of us have been through pet loss? A loss that is generally undermined but only someone who has gone through it will know the depth of the feeling.

When we lose your pet forever, the feeling is natural but incredibly difficult to deal with. That emptiness feels almost unbearable.

Their memories are the only possession that we have, something that would help to keep them alive even after they are gone. When we memorialise our pet; we are giving ourselves a chance to accept and then heal gradually. Knowing the ins and outs of pet loss is not that easy. We have come up with some suggestions that will help you keep your lost pet’s memory alive forever.

Create New Memories

When our pet passes away, we are frequently left with not just their memories, but also their photos, their small little things, their toys and every memory of them. It might be tough to let go of these keepsakes since they act as a physical reminder of your beloved furball. Find a way to create new memories to adorn their presence. An extravagant collage of them will be the perfect way for you to pause and remember them every day and also to keep their memories alive. Don’t just remember your pet; share and honor them with a beautiful handmade painting.

Do Their Favorite Activities

Playtime was your solace together, a time where you found time to interact with them. Indulging in the same activities you loved doing with them, whether it’s learning to make their favorite meal or playing their favorite games, or even a simple garden stroll will awaken your powerful connection – and an easy way to remember them even after they have gone.

Find A Purpose To Their Memory By Giving

You can set up a grant or a charity in your pet’s name to benefit others in a variety of ways. Do something charitable that will be the best way to mark their remembrance day. Mother Teressa once said, “ It’s not how much we give, but how much love we put into giving”. Giving is one thing but when you give with all your heart in a memory of someone and with so much love, it makes your act of giving much more special. Afterall, it’s not just the act of giving that will keep your pet’s memory alive, but the extra love you put into that giving.

Celebrate Their Birthday

What better day to commemorate your pet than on their birthday. Plan a get together with your friends and similar pet parents and have a drink or share a meal in memory of them. Keeping that sense of connection between those of you who have experienced a similar loss is a fantastic way to share your sadness while also honoring your pet’s memory collectively.

Keeping their memory alive and talking about them is a way to adapt to their loss and it becomes a necessary factor for the healing process. There is always some comfort in talking to someone who has been through the same as you, so try connecting with a pet parent who has recently lost their pet. To remember and mourn them jointly is a heartfelt way to remember them fondly.

Commemorate Them With a Keepsake

Don’t consider this to be a way of getting over your pet but a keepsake will be the perfect coping strategy you could opt for. What better dedication to the time you have spent with your furry friend than by commemorating it through the perfect handmade painting. Paintings speak volumes and it often does the job of expressing emotions you never could have imagined. So reanimate the cherished memories that are stowed away in your phones with a custom pet portrait from PortraitFlip. It would turn out to be the purrfect gift to remember them on their birthday or Christmas or on their death day.

To Conclude

Most of us would like to cling to our pet’s memories for as long as possible, yet memories fade with time. When we commemorate the life and death of our dearest pet, we guarantee that the elements of their life are treasured for the future, and on a personal level the best way to do it is with a handmade painting of your loving pet.


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